Summer Cleaning for Pet Owners

Summer is in full swing, which also means it’s time for a little seasonal cleaning. While you and your pet may have been snuggled up insider during winter snow storms and spring showers, dirt and other unwanted particles may have made themselves comfy in your home as well. And after a long staycation, it’s likely that both your pet and your home are due for a deep clean. Summer cleaning can be challenging, and there’s even more to pay attention to when you have a pet. Feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry, we’ve listed out a few cleaning essentials for pet owners!

Tips To Help You Lower Your Heating Bills

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Heating costs take up a significant percentage of an American household’s budget, especially for those who live in a region with extremely cold winters. However, while inherently costly, heating bills don’t have to be that high. If you live in an area where temperatures often go south, know that there are some easy adjustments you can make to lower your heating bills. Here are some of them.

Tips For Letting Go of Sentimental Clutter

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Deciding to clear your home of regular clutter is hard enough. It becomes even tougher when the clutter you’re supposed to get rid off has a lot of sentimental value attached to it. And chances are, you have plenty of sentimental clutter in your home that’s preventing you from conducting an honest-to-goodness decluttering.

Community Profile: Hillstone Estates

Altura Homes offers beautiful new homes in midlothian tx homes on oversized lots in the community of Hillstone Estates. This community is ideal for those who would like easy access to Arlington, Dallas and Fort Worth, but appreciate a small and quiet exclusive community that is ideal for couples, families, retirees, or those who are looking to purchase their first, third, or seventh home. It’s just off US Highway 287 and 67 on FM 663 and conveniently located near plenty of amenities including grocery stores, medical care facilities and hospitals, libraries, parks and recreational areas, as well as retail and shopping centers.

What Items Could You Be Recycling Wrong?

Recycling is great for the environment and your new homes in melissa tx community. But are you recycling the wrong? Read the list below to see what eight items you could be recycling wrong or shouldn’t be recycled at all. 1.Aerosol cans – Should only be recycled if they are completely empty. Aerosol cans that are not empty are considered hazardous waste 2.Broken glass – These tend to have been treated with chemicals that cannot be recycled. Just throw out any broken glass, old lightbulbs, mirrors, or windows.

Home of the Week:Chisholm Crossing

The Home of the Week is from Altura Homes which serves the surrounding DFW Metroplex area. Located at 500 Highwater in the quaint city of Mclendon Chisholm, you will find this impeccably designed traditional model home nestled on over an acre home site, beautifully crafted, energy efficient and well-priced at $504,312.00. This beautiful home will be open for touring from 1pm to 6:00 p.m. today. [schedule an appointment] While primarily in the Rockwall area, Altura Homes has additional communities throughout the Metroplex such as Forney, Wylie, Melissa, Waxahachie, Midlothian and Greenville.

Floor Plan Profile: Heritage

Altura Homes has nine different one and two-story floor plans in the beautiful homes in forney tx community of Eagle Ridge. One of these is our three bedrooms, two bathrooms single story Heritage floor plan offers homebuyer’s 1,871 square feet of living space and is available in six different elevations. The Heritage has an open floor plan combination featuring a spacious family room with an optional fireplace, kitchen, and breakfast nook area. This space makes it ideal for entertaining since you can continue to interact with family members and guests from different areas of the open floor plan.

Seven Tips for Picking a Neighborhood for your Home Search

There is so much to consider when buying a new home. Not only do you have to consider the type of home you want to purchase but also the community in which you will be living. After all, you may find the perfect house but hate the area it is located in. Before you begin looking at homes in mclendon chisholm tx, you should consider these seven tips for picking the right neighborhood for your home search.

Revitalize Your Home This Spring

We welcomed in the spring season just a few weeks ago. As we embrace longer days and warmer weather, it is time to give your home a rejuvenated look for the season. Read below for five tips to update your home this spring. 1. Go lighter – It’s time to swap out your thick and warm winter bedding for your spring bedding. Select a bedspread that is not only light in color to revitalize this space but also light in weight since the weather is warming up. Select light cotton sheets and pillow covers that match your bedspread. Switching these out will surely brighten up your space, give it a renewed look and keep you cool for the season.

Community Profile: Cottonwood

Cottonwood is a new enclave of available homes nestled in Greenville right off of 1570/Jack Finney Boulevard and Traders Road, just behind the fire station. This beautiful community offers homebuyer’s the benefit of living in Greenville with close access to plenty of shopping areas, many restaurants, and three golf courses. The Greenville Airport is conveniently less than a mile away. Altura is a proud builder in Cottonwood with homes in greenville tx coming soon. Our homes include great architectural design and signature Altura features. Homebuyers can choose from five unique floor plans that range from 1,650 to 2,170 square feet of living space and include three to four bedrooms, two to three bathrooms, and a two-car garage.

Four Top Trending Paint Colors in 2017

One of the benefits of purchasing a custom built home is that you are able to customize your new home in forney tx to fit your needs and lifestyle. Altura Homes has partnered with the Design Group of Texas to help our homebuyer’s personalize their homes from a plethora of options from our state-of-the-art showroom and teaming them up with a design consultant. Here are four trending paint colors you may want to consider incorporating into your new home design:

Cute, Unique and Functional Pet Doors for your Home

A pet door not only provides much needed freedom and independence for your pet but it can also give you a break from having to let your dog or cat outside or inside of your new home in melissa tx. Consider installing one of these cute, unique and functional pet door ideas that makes it for your four legged furry friend to come and go they please. Cat or dog shaped silhouette – Garner inspiration from your pet for this idea. Draw a silhouette of your pet on the door for them to be able to go through and head outside. The silhouette is also perfect for a door where your pet can access the litter or food.

Six Tips for Creating a Minimalistic Home

Too much clutter in a home can take away from the true beauty of your home. A minimalistic home is more visually appealing and is easier to clean. In addition, a cleaner, more simplified home can cause you and your family more peace. Here are six tips for creating a minimalistic home. 1.Keep surfaces clear – One of the ways to achieve a minimalistic home is to keep the surfaces of your home void of clutter and other unnecessary items. Limit the number of knick-knacks you put on tables and shelves as well as appliances on the kitchen counters. For example, have a framed photo on a hallway table or a desk, a case with beautiful flowers on your coffee table, or a coffee pot and toaster on your kitchen counters.

Your Monthly Guide to Buying Things throughout the Year

Are you looking to purchase something specific? Here’s your monthly guide to buying things throughout the year: January – With the holiday season officially behind us, January is an ideal time to purchase holiday decorations, wrapping paper and holiday cards for next year. January is the perfect time to buy fitness equipment with people making New Year’s resolutions to get into shape. TV’s and Blu-ray players go on sale in preparation for the Super Bowl. You will also find deals on mattresses, as well as bedding and linens (white sales). January and the winter months mark a good time to look for a new home since there is less competition out in the market.

The Most Inadequate Home Improvements Tools

One of the benefits to purchasing one of our homes in Fate TX at Woodcreek means you won’t have to worry about home repairs right away. However, eventually there will come a time when you will need to fix things around your home. Here are the tools that you would think would be helpful but seem to be more useless and not worth the price. Automatic hammer – It may seem as if an automatic hammer will save you time and money. However, it won’t. You’ll spend more time hammering after the fact because this product doesn’t put the nails into the wall or wood fully.

Community Profile: Aday Estates

Are you in the market for a new home? Aday Estates is a beautiful homes in Waxahachie TX community that offers residents a country feel just 30 minutes south of Dallas and 45 minutes south east of Fort Worth, making this an ideal community to commute to the DFW Metroplex. This Ellis County community is assigned to the Waxahachie Independent School District (ISD) were students will attend Shackelfor Elementary School, Howard Middle School, and Waxahachie High School.

Get Your Home Organized After the Holidays

Now that the 2016 holiday season has come to an end it is time to get your home organized. Here are several tips for cleaning and getting your home back in order. 1.Holiday décor – If you’re like most of us you’ve probably waited until the last minute to take down your holiday décor. Protect your Christmas ornaments by using storage boxes with compartments. For your holiday lights, throw out any that aren’t broken and replace bulbs where applicable. Use coat hangers or cardboard to wrap the working lights around to keep them untangled until you need them again. Before throwing out your tree see if there is any place around your mclendon chisholm tx homes community that is still recycling them.

Throw a Quick and Easy Last Minute New Years Eve Party

New Year’s Eve is almost here and you’ve decided to throw a last minute party. Use these tips to throw a simple but fun last minute New Year’s Eve party. 1.Who should you invite? – Invite anyone from friends, family members, or your new homes in fate tx Woodcreek neighbors. Your invitations don’t have to be formal. Invite guests via text message, Facebook, E-vites or a similar platform. You’ll be able to get a quick response back and be able to plan accordingly. 2.New Year’s Eve playlist – A party isn’t a party with music. But you don’t have to stress about your playlist. Use Pandora, YouTube, your iPod, or something similar to create a festive New Year’s Eve party playlist.

The Ultimate Holiday Gift: Sergeant Rivas and Family Receive Their New Home

U.S. Army First Sgt. Guillermo Rivas received the ultimate gift this holiday season. On Tuesday, November 16, representatives from Operation FINALLY HOME, Altura Homes, and the Family of 3 Foundation, A Robert Griffin III Foundation, presented Sgt. Rivas, wife Donnajayne (DJ) and his family with keys to their new, mortgage-free home in Greenville. The new home ceremony came just six months after learning he would be honored with this new custom built home courtesy of operation finally home during a Texas Rangers. In attendance at the new home ceremony where U.S. flags lined the yard were representatives of the Patriot Guard Riders, Greenville Mayor David Dreiling, the Hunt County Veterans Honor Guard, representatives of the offices of U.S. Representative John Ratcliffe, State Senator Bob Hall, State Representative Dan Flynn, Becky Crabtree of the Greenville Elks Lodge, and members of the Greenville community.

Quickly Declutter and Organize Your Home for Holiday Guests

Don’t wait until the last minute to clean up and declutter your home for your expected and sometimes unexpected holiday guests. Use the list below to quickly organize your home and to help make your holiday season go by smoother. 1.Put everything back in its rightful place to help clean and alleviate the clutter in your home. 1.Clear off countertops and get rid of old newspapers and magazines, and shred or properly discard of old mail. 1.Assess the jackets, clothes and toys in your home and make a decision to either keep, throw out, give away to your homes in crandall tx neighbors, or donate to charities.