Exterior Lighting Tips


Outdoor lighting does more than just provide light. It changes the look of your area while setting the mood of your outdoor space. Consider these five exterior lighting ideas for your new home in Desoto tx.


Ground-mounted torches

Add ground-mounted torches to illuminate your garden pathway. This type of lighting can also outline your porch to light up your area while relaxing or entertaining outdoors.


Holiday lights

Extend the holiday cheer to the exterior of your home. Hang up Christmas lights in your porch area or outdoor living space. They can be any color and blink or remain solid. If you’re going for a year-round look, choose white bulbs versus colored bulbs. These lights will look good wrapped around a tree or potted plant.



Chandeliers aren’t just for the inside of your new home in Desoto tx. Select a chandelier that flows well with your porch décor and hang it from the ceiling.


Mason jars

Make a DIY project with mason jars. Fill up mason jars with moss and fairy lights to hang from your trees. Make sure it looks especially pleasing and doesn’t overwhelm your back yard. You can also create a mason jar chandelier to hang from your porch ceiling if you don’t want to hang the mason jars from your trees.


Tiki torches

We’re not talking about your average Tiki torches. Create homemade Tiki torches from wine bottles with long lasting wicks. Hang them from your fence or tree to add pizazz to your outdoor living area.  


There many moods and looks you can create from the different styles of outdoor lighting. Have fun with it and select lighting to enhance the atmosphere of your new home in Desoto tx and light up your evening.