How to Pick a Paint Color for Your New Home


Congratulations on purchasing your home. The next step is selecting the right colors for your new home wylie tx. Here’s how to pick a paint color for your new home.


  1. Red - Red is a stimulating and dynamic color. Whether you use it as an accent wall or paint the whole room red, this paint color is sure to make any room in your home standout.
  2. Pink - Synonymous with little girls, pink is a sweet and youthful color that produces warm and happy feelings.
  3. Orange - Orange is an inviting and friendly color that increases creativity. This color is perfect for any room you’re looking to get your creative juices flowing.
  4. Yellow - This bright color will warm up any room like the sun on a hot day. Yellow helps sharpen minds and focus and would go well in the study or office.
  5. Green - Green is a natural color that brings freshness to any room. It’s sure to help spark new ideas in your new home wylie tx room.
  6. Blue - We see this color every day and it’s found in many aspects of our lives from the sky to eye color. Characteristics of this color include coolness, peacefulness and dependability. Choose blue to expand your outlook to learn new things.
  7. Purple - A majestic color, purple is perfect for any room you’re looking to calm over activity and get inspiration.
  8. Black - This elegant and classic color could work well for trim or as an accent wall if you’re looking to add mystery into a room.
  9. Color Wheel – Use the color wheel to determine the relationship between the different hues and how to mix and match the colors to make a pleasant color arrangement.
  10. Craftsmanship - Take into account the architecture and woodwork of each room in your new home wylie tx when considering paint colors. The goal is to complement the carpentry and not to make anything in the room stand out for all the wrong reasons.


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