Maximize Storage at your New Home with Multifunction Furniture


Maximize the space at your new home in Rockwell, TX with furniture that does double duty.  Multi-function furniture can increase the storage space at your new Altura Home. Here are a few ideas from Altura Homes. Share your best storage and space saving furniture with us on Facebook.

1. Futons and daybeds can double as beds or extra seating for guest. Use futons, daybeds or pull out sofas as a couch in your living room or a seating area in your office or spare bedroom. When holiday guests spend the night, simply fold out the futon or daybed for a comfy sleeping space that doesn’t take up much space at your new home in Rockwell, TX.

2. Is your coffee table just a coffee table? Try using a coffee table that comes with extra built-in storage like an old trunk or small dresser. Some coffee tables have pull out sections that turn into serving trays and others fold out into a dining table or computer desk. Add storage space to your new home or save space with a transforming coffee table.

3. Use hideaway ottomans for added storage or a side table at your new home in Rockwell, TX. Ottomans that open up are great for storing blankets or other items you do not use on a daily basis. Drape a pretty scarf or blanket over the ottoman and top with a lamp for a simple side table that saves space at your new Altura home.

4. Trunks are great multi-functioning furniture pieces. Use the trunk as a side table, coffee table, hide-away bar or as extra storage. With a little creativity you can turn an old trunk into just about anything for your new home in Rockwell, TX