4 Fall Home Maintenance Tips


Is your new home in Dallas ready for seasonal Fall weather?  Try these easy tips from Altura Homes to help save you money and keep your home in tip-top shape as the seasons change. How do you prepare your home for cooler weather? Share your best tips with us on Facebook!

1. Change your filters. You should change the filters of your HVAC unit regularly.  Definitely change the filter for your furnace before you begin using it for the season. Also, have your furnace serviced before you need to use it this Fall. Don’t forget to clean your air ducts while you are changing your filters so your heating system will work more efficiently and you can breathe cleaner air.

2. Clean your gutters. Remove debris and unclog any backups in your home’s gutters. Make sure water drains properly away from your new home in Dallas. Clogged gutters can contribute to many home problems, including wood rot and foundation damage.  Think about installing gutter guards to protect your gutters in the future.

3. Disconnect hoses and store seasonal furniture. Disconnecting your outdoor hoses before the first frost will prevent water from freezing and cracking or bursting your hose. Clean your seasonal furniture and store it for the cold months. Fall is also a great time to reseed your lawn and prune trees and shrubs at your home. Feeding and taking care of your lawn now will help improve it for the beginning of Spring.

4. Check for air leaks around doors and windows. Air leaks will cost you money when trying to heat your new home in Dallas during cooler weather. Check the weather stripping on doors leading outside and the caulking on windows. Re-caulk windows and replace the threshold gasket on doors if necessary. To check for air leaks, light an incense stick and wave it near your windows very slowly. If the flame flickers, then you have a small air leak in your window and you should repair it immediately.