5 Tips for Staging Your Home to Sell


Do you still have a home to sell before moving into your new home in Dallas? Try a few staging tips during the slower months to help sell your old home faster and move to your new Altura home sooner. Share your best staging tips with us on Facebook!

Clean your entire house. Potential homeowners do not want to walk into a dirty house. Clean the inside and outside of your home to make everything sparkle and shine like new.

  1. De-clutter your house. This is the most important part of staging your home. Clear out things that you do not need. Remove knick knacks and furniture that hinder buyers from walking around or distract from your home’s natural focal points and features. Less is more this days. Rooms with too much stuff in them feel smaller, but rooms with less furniture feel open and roomy, an illusion that you want to create for potential home buyers. This is also a good rule to keep in mind at your new home in Dallas.
  2. Create curb appeal.  This is really important when selling your home during the fall and winter months. Mow the lawn. Rake leaves. Plant new flowers if it's warm outside or buy some potted ones if it is too cold. Buy a bench and new welcome mat for the front porch and wash the outside of your house. If a house looks inviting from the outside, then more buyers will want to see the inside of your home.
  3. Buy flowers. Stop by the super market for some fresh cut flowers to add a warm, inviting touch to any room. One to three vases in a room can make contrasting colors pop and create a sense of elegance. However, too many flowers can become overwhelming.
  4. Use slip covers. They are a great way to revamp old furniture if you do not want to rent furniture for a staging. Slip covers can also hide clashing colors and overwhelming furniture patterns from potential home buyers. If you really like the slip covers, you can also use them at your new home in Dallas!