4 Tips for using a The Design Gallery


Looking for a little guidance when choosing upgrades and features for your new home in Dallas TX? Altura Homes has partnered with The Design Gallery, a full service studio, to help you customize and choose the best designs, features, décor and upgrades for your new home. The creative consultants are trained to help you find the best options for your new home. To help you prepare for your design experience, try these four tips from Altura Homes. Share your tips or Design Gallery experiences with us on Facebook.


1. Make a list. It’s time to round up all of your idea boards, pins from pinterest, magazine clippings, HGTV inspirations, etc. and compile a list of features, décor, and updates you like and would like to see in your new home in Dallas TX. A list of things you already like will help your creative consultant pull designs you will like more quickly. It will also help start the design conversation about the style of your new home.  


2. Review your Altura Homes builder options. Next, review your Altura Homes options. This will help you keep in mind what is already included in your new home and what updates are available for your new home.


3. Make a budget for upgrades. Now set a design, style, or décor budget for your new home. Prioritize the updates for your new home in Dallas TX. Armed with a budget and your list of most important features, you can find all the perfect new home updates without breaking the bank.


4. Take photos. Bring along a digital camera or use your smartphone to take pictures of designs you would like for your new home. This will help you remember the styles you liked and the features you found for your new living space.