Say Yes to Decorating No Nos


There’s always grey area when it comes to rules and therefore not every rule has to be followed. Altura Homes suggests you say yes to these three decorating no no’s as your prepare to decorate your new home in Dallas TX.


Curtains meant for windows only

There’s no denying curtains are great window treatments. But curtains weren’t strictly meant for windows. Create mystique for what’s behind the curtain by hanging above doorways. You can also enhance a space by using curtains in your theatre room, outdoor living area and walls.


Kid’s artwork on the refrigerator

If you’re the parent of preschool or grade school children you’ve probably got some of their artwork displayed on the fridge. The fridge is a great place to display their artwork but shouldn’t be the only spot in your Dallas TX new home. Frame and hang your child’s artwork on the walls or display in different areas throughout your home to add to the décor and show off your kid’s talents.


Coffee table in front of your couch

Coffee tables were designed to be in front of the sofa. But just because it was designed to be there doesn’t mean that’s all that can go there. Consider placing an ottoman in front of your new home in Dallas TX couch instead of a coffee table. Ottomans are multifunctional and can be used for storage, extra seating or just to kick your feet up on. A tray is the perfect item to put on top of your ottoman to hold drinks, remote controls and other items.