Brighten Your Home for Winter


Winters can be unpleasantly cold and dreary, and Dallas is no exception. But don’t let the gloomy weather dictate how your home looks. Read below for ways to brighten your new home in Dallas TX this winter.  


Clear up the mess

It’s amazing how clutter can make a room seem small and dark. Put things away and organize your home. By cleaning up the clutter in your home you’ll open up the space in a room making your home lighten up.


Splash of color

A new coat of paint is a refreshing way to energize your room. Transform a room this season by painting the walls in a room of your new home in Dallas TX. If you don’t want to do all four walls, paint one wall to create an accent wall. For paint color ideas, view our blog from last month about “How to Pick a Paint Color for Your New Home.”


All in the details

Hints of color in your décor can enhance and illuminate your home. Colorful pots or vases used to display and protect your plants and flowers can definitely liven up the interior and exterior of your home. Infuse color into your home by using throw blankets, decorative pillows, rugs, clocks and picture frames. New windows treatments can do wonders from your living room to bedroom. Brightly colored hand towels and bath towels can add splashes or color to your bathrooms while colorful appliances, placemats, plates, glasses and cutlery can be used to add flavor to your kitchen


Let there be light

Whether you use natural light or add it to your home, there’s no denying that lighting can set the mood. Pull back your drapes and let the natural light come in. It’s sure to brighten up your new home in Dallas TX and everyone in it. Use holiday lights or a colored light bulb in a lamp to create a cozy area that you’ll love to sit back and read or book or just relax. Candles are good for warming up and scenting up a space too.