Kitchen Recycling Solutions


It’s time to start recycling and stop throwing away items that are recyclable. Altura Homes suggests these 3 recycling units to recycle in your new home in Desoto TX kitchen.


Compost Caddy

A compost caddy is the perfect kitchen recycling solution for discarding kitchen waste. The compost caddy fits nicely under your sink or cabinet and allows you to compost kitchen scraps discreetly. Eligible kitchen scraps include eggshells, coffee filters, tea bags, meats and bones. Caddy compostable liners or compostable bags makes emptying your compost caddy clean and tidy. Some bags are even biodegradable. Empty your caddy at least twice a week and don’t let your compost stay in the caddy for more than a week.


Slide-out recycling bins

Slide-out recycling bins are an easy way to sort your recyclables and or trash in one place. Available in single pull out waste containers to multiple compartment recycling centers, slide-out recycling bins fit entirely under your new home in Desoto TX cabinets. They’re space savers and keep your recyclables out of sight until they’re ready to be removed. Some recycling bins include lids to tightly hold your bags together.


Laundry sorter

Laundry sorters shouldn’t be constrained to your laundry room. Your kitchen is a great place for them too. Aluminum and tin cans, glass, paper and plastic items can be separated and recycled by using a laundry sorter. It’s a convenient way to keep your recyclables organized. The cool thing about a laundry sorter is that you can even throw it in the wash when it gets dirty.


You give back to the environment and conserve natural resources when you recycle on a daily basis. By making a concerted effort to recycle, biodegradable items won’t end up in overcrowded, unhealthy and dangerous landfills. Do your part to improve the environment by using these three recycling solutions in your Desoto TX new home kitchen.