Selling Your Home in a Competitive Seller's Market


There are more people wanting to purchase homes than sell them. This makes it a seller’s market and a prime time to put your house up for sale. Take advantage of selling your home in a seller’s market by following these tips.

A real estate agent is the perfect person to help sell your home and help you find a Dallas TX home for sale. An agent is skilled in packaging and marketing your home to attract buyers. They can also help determine a reasonable listing price, handle offers, negotiations and guide you through the selling process. Buyers will request price comps to gauge what homes are going for in your neighborhood and community.  And though negotiation is part of the game, listing your home too high may make buyers look elsewhere after seeing the going rate in your area.

As a seller you should have the mindset of a buyer. Just as you want to visualize yourself in your home for sale in Dallas TX, it’s important for potential buyers to do the same. Don’t allow a buyer to pull up and not want to go in because your home lacks curb appeal. Entice people to come inside by beautifying the outside of your home. Once inside, buyers should see a spruced up, clutter free and depersonalize space. Potential buyers shouldn’t be distracted by problems in your home or with your belongings.

Hire a property inspector before you list your house to catch any problems. The last thing you want is a prospective buyer to walk away after an inspection because of an unforeseen problem with your house.

Leave your house when prospective buyers come for a viewing. Buyers may find your presence distracting. They may be uneasy taking proper measurements to make sure their furniture will fit, going through your cabinets or closets and end up giving your home a quick run through instead of getting a good feel. If you do stay, please don’t follow them throughout the house but let them walk through themselves. Again, you don’t want anything to interfere with the showing of your home.

We hope these seller’s tips will help sell your home. Since you’re in the market to purchase a home, consider Altura Homes, one of the premier home builders of Dallas. To learn more about your dream home for sale in Dallas TX or our other communities, contact us at 888-972-1979. You can also register on our site.