Organizing Tips for your New Home in Desoto Utility Closet


The utility room is one of those spaces used to store any and everything. Though usually hidden from guests, it shouldn’t become an unorganized mess behind closed doors. This room still needs attention so you can easily access items instead of spending a lot time searching for what you need. Use these tips to keep your Desoto TX new home utility closet in order.

A hanging shoe organizer is one of the best solutions to keep your utility closet organized. It can be used to store many everyday items in one area. They come in a variety of colors, though clear is great for seeing all the items you’ve placed in the pockets. Use plastic shoe boxes to keep batteries, light bulbs and power cords. Their lids will protect these items from collecting dust or getting broken. We suggest labeling each pocket and container to ensure things are returned to their rightful place. Keep cleaning supplies on overhead shelving. This way, the toxic cleaners are up high and away from your little ones and pets. You can also use this space to store paper products, blankets and appliances not needed on a daily basis. Employ hooks to hang frequently used items as well. Don’t forget to keep a step ladder in your new home in Desoto utility closet. You’ll be able to reach those hard to get items without having to stand on your washer or dryer. 

It’s important to free up floor space for items that need the floor, like a vacuum. You also want a clear path so you’re not tripping over items to get to your washer or dryer. And as you get settled into your home, occasionally go through and replace anything that has expired and throw out what you don’t need. This will help ensure the space doesn’t become neglected overtime. By doing this and following the tips we’ve offered, your new home in Desoto TX utility room is sure to stay organized.