Hang Artwork Like the Pro's


One of the best things about moving into a new home is you’re starting with a blank canvas that’s waiting to be decorated! Maybe you’re looking to showcase maps you’ve collected in your travels, display family photos, reveal your love for exotic birds or represent the start of something new with a piece you’ve just picked up. Regardless of the reason your artwork tells a story. By hanging photos and artwork on your walls, you’ll reveal your personality and add character to your new home in Forney, all the while making it homier.

Just as you were selective with the artwork you’ve chosen, you should be selective with the frames you chose to display them in. Frames can complement your artwork, tie in the décor of the room or a little bit of both. Mismatched pieces can even be matched by painting the frames the same color.

Moving into your new home in Forney gives you the perfect opportunity to play around with different arrangements before hanging anything up. Lay things out on the floor until you find what you’re comfortable with. Now normally artwork should be at eye level. However, if you’re hanging artwork over a table, fireplace, bed or another item, the height is totally up to you. You don’t necessarily want to follow the rules. Instead,  select something that’s appeasing to the eye.

Though you’re familiar with hanging artwork up with nails and screws, picture hooks can provide the perfect alternative. They were designed to hold your artwork, are very sturdy and wont damage your walls.

Now that your walls are beautifully adorned with artwork it’s time sit back and enjoy your new home. And remember, as you settle into your Forney new home, you can always switch things up if something isn’t working or you want to go with another look.