Relocating Advice


Relocating can be a stressful time period in a family’s life. Whether you’re moving across town or from out of state, ease the stress by being prepared for your move. Follow these tips for relocating to Dallas/Ft Worth.


Are you moving because of work, wanting a second home, needing to be closer to the kids or your parents? Access the purpose of your move to figure out what you’ll need.


Must Haves

Once you know why you’re moving, access your family’s needs and wants. What type of floor plan will work best for this relocation? Do you need to be close to work, school, the hospital, your parents or children? Answering these questions will help you figure out which area will work best for you.


Internet Search

With your wants vs. needs list complete, search for homes via the Internet. This is a good way to narrow down places and communities of interest. You’ll have a better idea of what’s out there in your desired area to live.



Take into account how close you want to be from work, school, shopping, restaurants, downtown, and the highway or activity centers.


Site visit

Once you’ve narrowed down your location and neighborhoods, plan to visit. Just because something looks one way in a picture doesn’t mean it’ll look that way in person. A site visit will allow you to see the home for what it truly is and get a feel for the neighborhood. Make sure you check out the community at night as well to get a clearer picture of how it looks no matter the time of day.


Cost of Living

The cost of living varies in each place. In Dallas, you’ll find the cost of living lower than most places in the US. For an accurate assessment, look up what the difference in housing, food, taxes, gas, healthcare and other everyday are when relocating to Dallas/Ft Worth from your old area.


The Dallas/Ft Worth area experiences short, mild winters and long, hot summers.

Kids Voice

Moving with kids? Don’t forget to seek their input, especially if you have older ones. Giving them a voice during the relocating process can make your move a smoother one and help them transition better to a new area.


Pet owners, how do you plan on transporting your four-legged friends? Will they be able to ride with you in the cab of the moving van or in your vehicle, or is it best to enlist the help of pet transportation services? Safety is essential to ensure your pets remain unharmed, so figure out the best way to get them to Dallas/Ft Worth.

There are two communities perfect for those relocating to Dallas/Ft Worth. Consider making Cedar Creek Ranch or Thornton Heights your new home.