12 Ways to Prepare your TX Home for Sale

What will attract the right buyer to your home and set it apart from another resale or a Forney TX new home? The answer is properly preparing your home for sale. Follow these steps to fix your home for sale and hopefully get it off the market fast.

  1. Curb appeal is what first attracts potential buyers to your home. And if they aren’t attracted to the outside of your home, they most likely won’t get to the inside of your home. Make sure the lawn is manicured, sidewalk and driveway are free of debris, bushes trimmed back and the entryway is well lit.
  2. The last thing you want a buyer to do is walk into an utter mess. A clean and clutter free home is an attractive home, especially to homebuyers. This is also the ideal time to throw anything away you don’t need or haven’t used in over a year.
  3. Don’t distract homebuyers with your belongings. Depersonalize your home to allow potential buyers to envision themselves in your home. Remove pictures, heirlooms and anything that reflects you.
  4. Neatly organize your cabinets and closets. This will give the impression that the space is plentiful, which is a big selling point.
  5. Bathrooms sell homes! Give your bathrooms a spa makeover by adding candles and fresh towels. Add ribbons and bows to finish off the look.
  6. Spruce your bedrooms up by removing excess furniture and dressing the beds up with new sheets and bedspreads.
  7. Make the necessary repairs to your home, like a leaky faucet, cracked walls, damaged floors or counter tiles, squeaky doors or replacing burned out light bulbs. Even though your home will be a resale and not a freshly built new home in Forney TX, it should still be in a good condition. Potential buyers shouldn’t think your home has structural damage or faulty plumbing.
  8. You don’t want buyers remembering a hot pink bathroom or purple bedroom. Repaint rooms in your house a neutral color. Neutral colors provide a great pallet for a wide range of decorating options.
  9. Use fresh plants and flowers to add life into your home. They’ll look good on your mantles, coffee tables and in the foyer and bedrooms.
  10. Illuminate your home with light. Clean the windows and open up the blinds and curtains to bring in natural light.
  11. Have a fresh set of eyes look over your home to pick out and scrutinize anything that you may have missed. Some things won’t stand out to you since you’ve live in your home for a while.
  12. Many homebuyers begin their home search online. To ensure you’re attracting as many buyers as possible, list your home online and have good photos to showcase the true essence of your home.

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