Forney TX Bicycling Tips to Keep you Safe


The weather is warming up and more and more new home in Forney TX residents are finding their way outside to enjoy springtime activities. With bicycling being a popular pastime, Altura Homes would like to offer you and your family bicycling tips to keep you safe as you hit the trails and roadways.

Make sure your bicycle is in good working condition before heading out.
Always wear a helmet to protect yourself from the unexpected.
Wear reflective clothing to be seen during the day and night.
Use a white headlamp in the front of your bike and a red rear reflector in the back of your bike for nighttime riding.


Don’t cycle during inclement weather because the roads can become very dangerous for motorist and cyclist alike, especially when wet.

Watch out for road hazards like potholes, sewer grates and open or slippery manhole covers.
If cycling as a Forney TX new home group, always ride in a single file.
Ride with the flow of traffic instead of against it.
Use proper hand signals to motion slowing down, stopping or turning
Obey all traffic laws, signs and lights.
Always yield to pedestrians.
Look twice before changing lanes or crossing the road.

  1. Stay tuned in to the road and not electronics, like your mobile device or iPod.


Whether you’re cycling around town of your new home in Forney TX or along the Fox Hollow bike trails, follow these tips to protect you while riding.