Popular Paint Color Choices for your Desoto TX New Home

Choosing colors for your Desoto TX new home’s interior is an important task. Paint colors set the mood of a room and eventually the overall tone of your home. Here are popular paint colors taking the interior decorating world by storm that you can incorporate at your Summer Meador or Sheridan Parc home.



The color green has been a popular color choice for some time now. With so many shades of green, consider mint. This comforting and subtle color is a very versatile color that can refresh any room in your home. It’s perfect for places of relaxation, like a bathroom or bedroom.


Natural Vibe

Nature is the perfect inspiration for selecting interior colors for your new home. Cream and fossilized beige are trendy color choices that look even better with black or dark brown furniture pieces and accessories.



If you’re all beiged or creamed out, no problem! Grey is still an in color. This color will add chicness and class to any of your Desoto room’s. It goes well with yellow and white as well as natural materials such as linen or wood.



Add punch to your bathroom, bedroom or study with calming and fresh colors from the sea. Algae, cobalt, coral and turquoise are all eye popping and soothing sea colors that will look fabulous in your new home in Desoto TX. Sea colors add an air of sophistication and can be accessorized with seashells, sand candles, sea animals and even the mythical sea creatures.



There is nothing mellow about yellow. This bright color is becoming a highly touted paint choice that’s finding its way on trim, walls and other areas of your interior décor. Yellow pairs very well with blue, soft brown, green, light grey, purple and taupe colors. Achieve this look with an accent wall, wall paper stripes or pops of color in your paint design to create an upbeat vibe in any room of your house.


We hope these examples have given you great inspiration for what you’ll include in your home. Consult -the creative team at our Design Center to see which color pallets will work best on the walls of your new home in Desoto TX. They can be reached at 817-410-1037.