Top Kitchen Design Trends for Your New Home in Desoto TX


As you work with our Design Center to custom build your home, consider these design trends to incorporate into your new home in Desoto TX kitchen.

 Many people come to the kitchen to congregate and enjoy meals. With kitchens being the functional space they are, lighting is essential. Integrate layered lighting into your design to accommodate your various kitchen needs. Install chandeliers above the island, access lighting above and below your cabinets and recess lighting throughout your kitchen.

In recent years backsplashes have become a welcomed addition in kitchens to create a focal point. This year glass is popular over tile, ceramic and metal.

White and grey are becoming admired kitchen cabinet colors. Tie these into your overall design by adding complimentary colors in table runners, area rugs and other table décor. Or take look a step further with splashes of color inside your cabinets. You can also spice up your kitchen with colorful appliances over black, white or stainless steel ones.

Designing your home is a fun and exciting process. We hope these kitchen trends will help inspire different designs for your Sheridan Parc or Summer Meadow Desoto TX new home kitchen.