Successfully Stage and Sell Your Old Home to Get Into Your Greenville TX New Home Faster


Now that you’re in the market for a new home in Greenville TX it’s time to get your current house ready for sale. Staging your home is one of the most important things you can do to enhance its sale potential.

View your home as a critical buyer would. Walk through the space to see what needs fixing and sprucing up. What you’ve avoided, forgotten or haven’t noticed may be the first thing a potential buyer sees. Organize your closets and cabinets, repaint the walls, make minor repairs and thoroughly clean to make your home sparkle. You should also de-personalize your space so potential buyers can visualize themselves there. Ridding your home of these items will keep buyers focused and less distracted by your items. They can’t do this with your heirlooms, trinkets and photos spread throughout your home. You’ll also get a head start on packing up your belongings and be able to get rid of anything you no longer

Take stock of your home to see what needs to be added or replaced after you clean and declutter. Removing some furniture to open up space may do wonders for your home while staging decorative items can give it a boost. Welcome mats, candles, floral displays, art work and throw pillows are ideal staging items. The key is to stay neutral to appeal to the senses of all buyers; so don’t do anything too bold or outrageous to scare off anyone.

First impressions are everything. And for this very reason staging shouldn’t be limited to the interior of your home. Create curb appeal by planting flowers, pressure washing the exterior to remove dirt and debris, repainting the outside and touching up the trim or placing patio furniture on your patio. The goal is to create an inviting home to entice buyers to see what’s beyond the front door.

Successfully staging your old home to highlight its best features will get you into your Greenville TX new home quicker. You can enlist the help from professional home stagers or get ideas from home magazines, Pinterest or by visiting model homes to DIY. Altura Homes is one of the premier new homebuilders in the area. For more information about The Cedars or Gabe Estates communities, contact Jim West at 214-229-3573.