Ways to Enhance Your New Home in Rockwall Entryway


The entryway is the gateway into the rest of your home. It’s the first impression guests will have of your home so is important to make this area absolutely stunning.  Here are five tips you can use to enhance your Fontanna Ranch new home in rockwall tx entryway.


  1. Install a bench to for family members and guests to put on or take off their shoes. Place the bench as close to the front door as possible to encourage everyone to remove their shoes when they first enter your home. This bench will also give visitors a convenient and comfortable place to sit while they wait. Look for a bench with built-in cubbies for extra storage and to house extra socks for guests to wear when at your home.
  2. Invite guests into your new home by painting the walls a bright and bold color and add a floor runner to warm up the space and capture dirt before it gets on the floor. Place the floor runner far enough away from the front door so that it can open freely without interference. You could also design your own floor runner by painting the floor. This is a very creative idea that will mask wear and tear.
  3. A table console table in your entryway will bring elegance and flair to this space.  Put a table lamp on top of the console table to create an alluring glow and accessorize the console table with fresh flowers and trinkets on a tray to greet guests.
  4. Enhance the beauty of your new home in rockwall tx entryway with a chandelier or pendant lighting. Suspending this type of lighting overhead will generate a bright, modern, and stylish entryway.
  5. Group framed artwork or antique mirrors on your entryway walls. The framed artwork will craft an eye catching display while the antique mirrors will produce a dramatic impression are a great for capturing sunlight. Both of these look will definitely make a powerful welcome statement and draw people into your new home and make them feel right at home.