Create an Inviting Bathroom for Guests to Enjoy


The bathroom is one of the most frequently used rooms in a home. And whether a guest stops by for a couple of hours or stays overnight, they’ll most likely have to make a pit stop to your powder room. Consider these tips to create an inviting environment that’ll accommodate the needs of your guests.

Soothing paint colors can produce a calming atmosphere for guests to freshen up in, while a bold paint color scheme can really make a statement. But colors don’t have to come from paint. Consider dressing up your walls with craft paper, fabric, tile backsplash or wall paper to really enhance the guest bathroom.

Each of our new homes in Greenville TX comes with 2 to 3.5 bathrooms. Depending on the floor plan you choose, the kid’s bathroom may have to double as guest bathroom. If this is the case, a natural color palette will work well in this space. You can easily replace accessories, the bath rug and seat cover and swap out the kids shower curtain when having company.

When it comes to dressing up your guest bathroom, it’s all in the details. Team up with our Design Center to select your bathroom vanity, hardware, fixtures, mirrors, overhead and task lighting. Select artwork for the shelves or walls to evoke the vibe you want your guests to feel while visiting your home. Create a spa like atmosphere by placing candles around the tub and instantly bring life to your bathroom with seasonal flowers in a vase. A bowl of potpourri can add to the décor as well as mask odors. Embroidered hand towels are also a nice touch. Frequent visitors will appreciate embroidered towels with their initials hung up in the bathroom upon their arrival. 

Keep toiletries visible for guests to access. Glass apothecary jars filled with accessories (cotton balls, soap, Q-tips, disposable razor, shampoo and conditioner) will enrich your bathroom décor and make your guests feel at home. Dress up your bathroom décor by piling extra toilet paper and or fluffy towels in a wicker basket.

Jim West is the man to contact if you’re in the market for one of our lovely Greenville TX new homes. He can be reached at 214-229-3573 to answer any questions or inquires about The Cedars or Gabe Estates communities.