Subtract the Clutter out Your Life Before Your Big Move


Life can sometimes be chaotic. Throw packing and moving into the mix and it can get downright overwhelming. But with proper planning and preparation you can execute an extremely efficient plan to rid yourself of clutter before moving into the Trinity Meadows new homes in Crandall TX community.

    1. We all know doing too much at one time can spell disaster. Therefore it’s best to tackle one project at a time versus multiple projects. Working on a closet here and then a bedroom there will help keep you organized and sane.


    1. Take stock of your belongings and assess its purpose. Ask yourself, “Is it actually feasible to bring into your new home, do I really need this and why?” From there categorize your belongings into give away, keep and donate piles.


    1. Now is the opportune time to get rid of items you still have boxed up from your last move. Unless they’re heirlooms or essential documents, you obviously don’t need it if it’s been boxed up all this time. Remember, this is the time to purge yourself of broken, expired, unused or unwanted items in order to start fresh in your new home. If you’re donating, don’t forget to pick up a tax deduction form and shred any documents you no longer need.


  1. If you’re having trouble at the thought of parting from something that holds a special part in your life, think about how it really can be used in your new home. Just because it held a special place in your heart years ago doesn’t mean it should hold a special place in your new home. Instead of hanging onto all the crocheted dishcloths your Nan gave you, select your favorites to frame and hang on your walls, and give the rest to other relatives. Not dealing with these things properly means you’re amassing sentimental clutter, which will not be a good look in your new home.

What good does something do for you when it doesn’t work or you no longer need it? Getting rid of clutter before your move will help reduce stress and lighten your load in process. Welcome to Trinity Meadows. We’re happy to have you in the Altura Homes Crandall TX new homes family.