7 Things to Keep in Mind for Your New Neighborhood


From proximity to highways and shopping centers to concerns about how good the educational system is and the commute to work, there are many factors to consider when thinking about moving to a new area. These issues can have a major impact on your decision to buy or not to buy in a particular area. Having a values audit mindset simply means you’re taking into account non- quantifiable characteristics to discover what a community is really about and if you’d really enjoy calling the prospective neighborhood home. Here are seven other components to consider when selecting a new community.


1. Online Forums - Altura Homes, one of the top home builders in dallas, has a Facebook page for prospective and current residents to follow and share. Many areas and neighborhoods also have an online presence. This includes social media pages (Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram) to the comments section on local online blogs, magazines and newspapers. Homebuyers can find out important issues affecting the area, get insight on the town as well people who make up the community by perusing these online forums.


2. Local Residents vs Transplants - Residents still living in the city they grew up can be a good sign. However, prospective buyers may wonder how easy it is to form friendships in an area with many pre-existing relationships. Communities in large metropolitan areas, like Falcon Ridge, have bigger populations and tend to have more transplants. This can make it easier for new residents to make friends and feel at home faster.


3. Bookstores and Libraries - Books reveal a lot about a person. This rings true for not only what’s on the shelves of the neighbors but also what’s in the public library and local bookstores. What type of readers are you going to be living next to? Do they even have books? Is living near like-minded readers important or are you interested in living near people with a more diverse reading interest?


4. Summertime Fun - Does the town empty out during summer or do residents stick around for fun? Are there camps for the kids to attend or a town pool? What are the hangout spots? Knowing the summertime activities of the community can help you decide if it’ll fit into your lifestyle or not.


5. Political Standpoint- Attending school board meeting or town hall meetings can provide better understanding into a community by revealing what’s going on and what’s really important to the people of that town.


6. Eavesdropping - Just sit back and observe what’s going on around you. Overhearing conversation can provide candid perspectives from the locals and help you decide if this is an area you’d like to call home.


7. Thorough Research - There’s nothing like getting a first-hand account of the area by visiting. Falcon’s Ridge connects to Shorewood Park, is within driving distance of shops and dining areas and within walking distance of the elementary school. The close proximity to these areas provides opportunities to be amongst the people and chances to ask questions about the area.


It’s not just the house you’re purchasing but the lifestyle you’ll have when living there. Every community has its own personality and the goal is to find a wonderful place to call home for years to come. As the premier home builders in dallas, we’re building the future of new homes one customer at a time. Altura Homes is currently selling homes in the Falcon Ridge community from the $230’s. If you’re interested in our Falcon Ridge community give Tim Hager of Falcon Ridge Estates a call at 972-849-6556 or email him at TimH@AlturaHomes.com.