Essential Things to Remember for Your Move into North Creek


There are many details to remember when it comes to moving. So from the major ones to minute details, we’ve compiled a list to help you prepare your move into the Melissa TX new homes community of North Creek.


  1. If you plan on using a professional moving service, make a reservation a month before your scheduled moving day with an insured company.
  2. Reserve a moving truck a few weeks before moving day if you’re going the DIY route.
  3. Be completely packed and ready before help arrives. Have a backup plan if you’ve enlisted help from family and friends.
  4. So everything’s still connected on moving day, get the electric and gas shut off at your current house after you’re scheduled to move out.
  5. Have the utilities turned on a couple of days before moving into your new home.
  6. Cancel any services (lawn, pest, newspaper, etc.) at least a week before your move.
  7. Defrost the fridge a couple of days before you move.
  8. Submit a change of address to your post office to prevent delay in service to your new home. This can be done online or in person.
  9. Provide banks, creditors, subscriptions, friends and family with your new address.
  10. Check with the local DMV to see when you need to get your new driver’s license by. Rregister your vehicle and get license plates for your cars if you’re moving out of state.
  11. Transfer prescriptions to a new pharmacy if moving out of the area.
  12. If you have school aged children and are moving out of district, arrange for all medical and school records to be sent to your child’s new school.
  13. Have pets with microchips? Make sure to update the microchip company with your new address.
  14. Use packing tape, not duct tape.
  15. Don’t use newspaper to wrap your fine China.
  16. Label your boxes on the top and side by its contents as well as the room it’s going to. Also clearly mark anything that is fragile.
  17. Take photos of your electronics before disassembling them. Photos can be used as reference so things are reassembled properly and wires are in their proper place.
  18. Don’t purchase perishable items too close to your move to avoid having to throw these things away.
  19. Don’t transport light bulbs in lamps. Remove and place them in a plastic or sandwich bag so in the event they break glass doesn’t go all over the place.
  20. Keep phone chargers (cell and wall) nearby.
  21. Pack an overnight bag filled with things needed right away and make sure this is the last thing placed in the moving truck.
  22. Pack important documents (birth certificates, social security cards, family and health records, insurance information, passports, etc.) as well as any sentimental items separately.
  23. Perform a final walkthrough of each room, closet and hidden space to make sure you’re leaving nothing behind.
  24. Have enough cash handy to get you through moving day.
  25. Manage your move from start to finish and make sure to pace yourself.


We hope this list will help you have a smooth transition into your new home. We’d also love to hear from you. Go to the Altura Homes Facebook page and share with us and your new homes in Melissa TX neighbors how you prepared to move.