Prep your Fireplace this Winter


With colder temperatures here to stay the time has definitely come to retreat to the comfortable confines of inside your home. And many new homes in dallas tx homeowners are probably thinking along the same lines: “it’s time to light up the fireplace.” After all, there’s nothing better than spending a cold winter’s night sitting around a warm fireplace. Use these 10 tips to prep your fireplace this winter.


  1. Clean your fireplace before lighting it up for the first time. Because your fireplace is new just give it a good sweep for cobwebs and dust.
  2. Keep the area around the fireplace clear and free of hazardous and flammable objects.
  3. Clean out the firebox every week when using the fireplace regularly. Just make sure to leave about one inch of ash in the bottom to act as insulation.
  4. Creosote is a highly flammable, liquid substance created every time you use your fireplace. Use a flashlight to see if there’s a lot of creosote. Too much buildup can eventually block your chimney and cause a chimney fire. Therefore you’ll want to get your fireplace professionally cleaned.
  5. You and your new homes in Dallas TX neighbors won’t be the only ones looking for a place to stay warm. Constantly check your fireplace to ensure no birds, cats, raccoons, snakes, squirrels or other creatures have retreated to your chimney.
  6. Install a chimney cap to keep critters, debris, leaves and rain out of your fireplace.  
  7. Never leave your fire unattended.
  8. Keep a fire extinguisher nearby in case of emergency
  9. Test your carbon monoxide detectors and smoke alarms monthly
  10. Have your fireplace inspected and cleaned annually.