New Homes in Forney TX Fall Gardening Checklist


With cool weather and the autumn season upon us, it’s time to do some seasonal maintenance on your garden. Follow this checklist to get your garden prepped for winter so that you’ll have beautiful blooms this spring.


  1. Time to Plant – Though each of our new homes in forney tx comes with beautiful landscaping you can always add to it. If you choose enhance your landscaping, do so now. Planting at the beginning of fall is an ideal time because you’ll give your bulbs, plants, and/or trees enough time to get healthy to bloom come spring. We suggest planting at least four weeks prior to the first frost and to distribute enough mulch to protect the plants from the winter climate.
  2. Container Plants – They should be brought inside your new home during the winter months. Bringing them indoors may keep them healthy throughout during the season. If a plant requires a maximum amount of sunlight, place the plant(s) near a sunny east or south facing window.
  3. Compost, compost, compost – Create or fill a compost bin with grass clippings, fallen leaves, dead foliage and/or other organic substances. You can readily speed up the compost process by adding water to the bin.
  4. Keep perennial beds organized – It’s important to feed, mulch and weed your perennials. Organize the beds by getting rid of weeds and removing debris from in and around your plants. Loosen the soil surrounding your plants and mix in plant food to give it much needed nutrients to get your garden through the winter months.


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