How to Blend Colors Between Rooms!


Open floor plans are found in each our Altura Homes’ crandall homes for sale in the quiet community of Trinity Meadows. Incorporating a harmonious color scheme is the perfect way to blend colors between rooms with an open floor plan. Here’s how to accomplish this look throughout your new home.


Choosing the right colors to decorate your new home isn’t rocket science. Draw inspiration from what’s around you. Pull from inspiring colors found in accessories, artwork, furniture, sports teams, university colors and even colors that go with nature. Now that you’ve been inspired, it’s time to pick out a couple of accent colors or two or three neutral colors. The colors selected will allow your home to feel cohesive yet simple instead of a cluttered and overwhelming appeal. From there create a well-balanced home by choosing colors within the same family or by sticking with the same undertones. Consider using varying neutrals with accent colors in your home once your colors scheme has been selected. This is because vivid accent colors next to each other may come across too strong while neutrals that are side by side can be seen as unappealing and make your walls look extremely flat. Alternating neutral and accent colors can add depth to your walls and help you visually break up rooms in your open floor plan. All of our crandall homes for sale include crown molding. Easily unify your new home by matching the molding in every room by painting the trim white. Bring even more personality and define each painted room by adding curtains, furniture, rugs, curtains and upholstery. Lastly, unite rooms together in your new home with accessories in your chosen accent color. For example, put a vase of red roses on the dining room table, add a basket of red apples in the kitchen, and use red pillows and a red throw in your living room.


We hope this has given you great ideas for blending colors within rooms. As an Altura Homes customer you’ll be assigned a creative consultant from the Design Group of Texas to fully customize your dream home to have its own unique style while using various colors to tie the rooms together. Our creative consultants can be reached at 817-410-1037.