Tips for organizing your closet!

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The weather transitioning to cooler temperatures means it’s time to switch out clothing for the new season and organize your closet. An organized closet reduces clutter, saves time, will give you more space and also help lengthen the lifespan of your clothes. Consider these tips for organizing your home in forney tx closet.


Fold Laundry

Never hang t-shirts or sweaters. These should only be folded because hangers will ruin the shape of the clothing. Place them in sweater boxes or stock them on shelves, using sweater dividers to keep them from falling over.


Group Like Items

Grouping like clothing together helps you assess what you have and what you may need. Then use a color coding system for your blouses, jackets, jeans, skirts, slacks and folded garments. This will make much easier to find your clothes since you’re most likely to hang the article of clothing where it belongs. It also will make finding things less chaotic and leave your closet looking visually pleasing.


Item Placement

Frequently used clothing should be stored at eye level, fewer used items go under that and seldom used items go up high.


Maintain Order

Incorporate baskets, bins, boxes, cubbies, organizers, hooks, shelving and tire racks to sort shoes, sweaters, ties and other articles of clothing and accessories contained and looking neat and tidy. Vacuum-sealed storage bags can help you maximize space while using one type of hanger will make your closet more uniform aesthetically pleasing as well.


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