Thrift Store Shopping Tips!

Thrift stores have gained popularity these days. Nothing beats going through racks and shelves of a thrift store and coming across a bargain or uncovering a great find that you can repurpose by putting on a fresh coat of paint or reupholstering it. Get your thrift on by following these thrift store shopping tips.


  1. Ideal Locations – Just like in real estate, when it comes to finding a good thrift store it’s all about location, location, location. Nicer thrift stores are usually found in nicer areas. These stores usually have better inventory and items that haven’t been picked over as much.
  2. Thrift Store Finder – If you’re looking for a thrift store near or away from your new home in desoto tx, plug in a zip code on the website Results will list out thrift stores in the targeted area, its location and store hours. You’ll also have the chance to sign up for their mailing lists as well as see reviews from other customers.
  3. Thrift While Away – Thrifting while on vacation or in an area other than your own away may help you find some cool things. Each place has its own unique style that you may not necessarily come across while at home.
  4. Change of Seasons – People tend to clean out their homes and give stuff away at the end of each season. Make it appoint to check out thrift stores during this time for a chance to come away with great items.
  5. Prime Shopping Days – You’ll find it more advantageous to shop on certain days rather than others. A good amount of thrift stores get their donations on the weekends. It’ll usually take one to three days to process these donations. Though you may find Monday through Wednesday better shopping days, talk to thrift store employees to find out what days are better.
  6. Frequent Shopping – Good merchandise moves fast in thrift stores and therefore it’s important to go often to be successful thrifting. You may find something you’ve been looking for or come across something totally unexpected that will be the perfect addition to your home.
  7. Electronic Mailing List – Most every store has an electronic mailing list. If this is an option at the thrift store(s) near your new home in desoto tx we recommend signing up for it. You’ll learn about the various sales and special promotions your thrift store is having.