Tips for Moving with Kids


As chaotic and stressful moving can be for adults, it can be even more difficult and disruptive for the children. Use these tips for moving with kids to help make the process easier.

  1. Moving can be downright traumatic for your kids. Telling them that you are moving isn’t an easy task and in fact can be one of the hardest parts of your move. Inform your kids about the impending move as soon as possible. This way they don’t overhear someone talking about the move before they know about it and aren’t caught off guard or by surprise.
  2. Explain to them the moving process and what will be going on. This way they don’t feel left out and have an understanding of what it all entails.
  3. It is important to listen to your children at this time. What is important to your children should be important to you. Ask their opinions about the communities and homes for sale in melissa tx you are looking at and how they would like to decorate their new room or play area.
  4. Good vibes is what is needed for a local or cross country move. It is important to have a positive attitude. Your kids will pick up on if you are worried, nervous or upset.
  5. Thanks to cell phones and social media, it is easier to stay in touch with friends and family after a move compared to twenty years ago. Encourage your kids to exchange contact information with their friends and have them say “see you later” rather than goodbye.
  6. Are your kids currently involved in athletic or social groups? Look to continue their activities in your new city or community.
  7. Maintaining a sense of normalcy is important during this process to reassure them that everything is and will be ok. Try to uphold your kid’s bedtimes, game night, pizza night, etc.
  8. Pack up your kid’s rooms last and unpack them first. This will help them keep a sense of comfort and stability during the moving process.
  9. Involve them in the moving process. If they’re old enough, enlist their help in packing. They can help wrap sort and wrap their belongings or pack up their clothes. You could also make it fun for them by having a game of “who can pack up their toys first?” or “clean this room, etc.”
  10. Have your kids get rid of clutter by eliminating toys and clothes they do not want to bring to the new house. Just double check these bags to make sure you aren’t throwing away or donating something that is of importance or shouldn’t be thrown away.
  11. Pack an overnight bag of their clothes and favorite toys or blanket. This will help reduce stress and hopefully eliminate separation anxiety from their most prized belonging.

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