Outdoor Living Space Ideas


Altura Homes offers new homes in forney tx in the luxury communities of Devonshire and Eagle Ridge. Our homes have ideal outdoor space to have fun and entertain. Use these ideas to enhance your outdoor living space. 

  1. Koi fish pond – Enrich your outdoor living space with a touch of elegance by adding a koi fish pond. Finish the design off by including sweet potato vines, water lilies and other plants that will look good and work well for this space.
  2. Stepping stones – Lead the way to your private garden with stepping stones. Customize the stepping stones to add a personal touch to your yard. They will surely create a spectacular piece of yard décor that will boost your outdoor space.
  3. Stone outdoor shower – You don’t have to be at a tropical oasis to have an outdoor shower. Install stone walls, pebbled floors and outdoor shower head and riser of your choice. This can be an ideal place to cool off during hot days or be a place just to relax.
  4. Tranquility garden – Our new homes in forney tx will give you peace and quiet. That’s one of the benefits of moving into a new home. Add to the peace and quiet outdoors with a tranquility garden that will be a great place to relax and meditate. Complete your tranquility garden with a sitting bench, fire pit, garden statues and flowers and plants of your choice to create beautiful ambiance.
  5. Window garden – Dress up your windowsills with a window garden. Include herbs, small vegetables or an array of plants to add life and color to your windowsill.