Seven Decorating Trends For 2015


You probably envisioned the countless ways you wanted to decorate your new home as you toured and evaluated new homes in forney tx. So now that you’ve purchased your new home, use these seven decorating trends for 2015 as inspiration for turning those visions into a reality.


  1. Barn wood – Have you checked out a decorating magazine or TV show lately? If so, you have probably noticed that old barn wood is all the rage right now. Reclaim old barn wood to create a rustic headboard for your master bedroom or guest bedroom.
  2. Mixing metals – Mixing metals together is hot right now. Whether you mix warm and cool metals together or separately, this is a craze you don’t want to miss out on. You can mix brass and copper, chrome and brass, brass and gold or rose gold and silver. Pick a combination that will work for your space and the look you’re going for.
  3. Natural lighter toned wood – Though rich, dark colored woods have been fashionable in recent years, natural lighter toned woods are the in wood color right now. From accessories to flooring to furniture, you should include lighter colored wood into your new home décor. 
  4. Picnic table – Some homeowners are foregoing the traditional dining room table. Instead, they are using an outdoor picnic table as their dining room table. It is a great way to have both a country and modern look. Add elegant seat cushions for comfort. You can also add two standalone chairs that match to put at the ends of each side.
  5. Rolling cart – A rolling cart is becoming quite popular these days. They create extra storage and can be used as an additional workspace when preparing or serving items in your kitchen.
  6. Sculptured mirrors – The geometric shapes serve as great lines and curves for aesthetically pleasing décor. Group your mirrors together to create wall art.
  7. White kitchen sinks and cabinets – Homeowners are foregoing colorful kitchen cabinets and sinks. White kitchen sinks and cabinets are a decorating style that picking up steam going into the fall. The color white will give your kitchen a simple and clean look.