Hot Paint Colors for 2015


The right paint color can really transform your space and help turn your house into a home. Here’s how you can decorate your new home with these new hot paint colors for 2015!

Chalkboard paint

For parents with children chalkboard paint will be a great addition to your home. It’s an ideal alternative to traditional kid’s rooms that are blue or pink. Chalkboard paint allows kids the opportunity to express themselves creatively, and hopefully prevents them for using one of your favorite walls as their own personal canvas. Chalkboard paint is good for a kid’s bedroom or a play room and is available in different colors other than black. It is also easy to apply and washable.


Marsala is a color that rocks and will look great in your new home. That’s why it is Pantone’s 2015 Color of the Year. This dramatic and sophisticated color enriches any space is works well in the kitchen or dining room or as an accent wall. You can play this up with animal prints or use it on table tops, lines or small appliances to add pops of color.

Smoky green

Smoky green is what happens when blue meets gray meets green. This beautiful blend is taking the color world by storm and goes perfectly well on kitchen or bathroom cabinets. Add copper and marble countertops and you sure will make a statement in the room.  


Though white can be seen as a plain color it is a great color that exudes cleanliness. Perfect for bathrooms or kitchens, this color creates an airy and open space from white floors, white walls and white cabinetry. White is by far an easy color to accessorize and will look great with the added pops of color.

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