Tips for Decorating Large Windows


Window treatments come in all different colors, patterns, shapes and sizes. Therefore, finding the perfect way to decorate your windows can be challenging. Large windows can especially be problematic because there is so much more area to cover than average sized windows. Here are several tips for decorating large windows in your new home!

One way to decorate your large windows is to frame them out with elegant drapes. Don’t forget to add a decorative curtain rod and tie-backs to finish off the look to create a fabulous theatrical like element, just like they are in the theater or movies. Dazzling décor placed above your windows can really make this space pop. Attention will be drawn upward and then out of your large windows for everyone to enjoy all the view. You could also be inspired by dressing up the space with natural furniture, like wood, to match the natural element and natural light your windows provide. In addition, think about creating a focal point with your large windows. Arrange your furniture toward the window so that you can appreciate the view and take in the views. Or create a Zen-like atmosphere in or around the window by placing a small table and chairs in front of it or installing a window seat.  Another way to decorate is to put an interesting piece of art work or furniture right in front of the window to be accentuated by the windows themselves. If you really want to make a statement, don’t add any window treatments or simply leave the floor space around your windows empty. This will add dramatic effect to your windows by letting them speak for themselves or allow you to truly enjoy walking up and looking out of the windows to enjoy the view.

We hope these tips have giving you great ideas for decorating around your large windows. If you are in the market for a new home we do hope you will consider Trinity Meadows. Trinity Meadows offers in-town sized new home sites and quiet country living all starting from the high-$160’s. Contact Mike Crowell at 214-434-6252 to learn more about owning your very own beautiful new home in crandall tx.