Five Fashion Forward Paint Colors


Color can affect your mood and emotions. Color is also a way to reflect your personality and liven up your new home. Whether you’re looking at homes for sale in royse city tx or just want to change up the color scheme in your home, consider these five fashion forward paint colors.

  1. Beige, black, red and white – Beige is a warm and inviting color. When paired with black, red and white, you will add energy into the space and create a winning color combination.
  2. Lime, Olive and Teal – These combined earthy and bold colors can enhance your home. Tie it in with a painting of similar colors and a bouquet of white flowers in a glass vase.
  3. Butterscotch and green – When you’re thinking about selecting colors for your new home, butterscotch and green probably won’t come to mind. However, this unexpected color scheme really works well. Butterscotch will add depth and height to your room and green will bring a nice pop of color into the room.
  4. Sand and sea foam – Though these colors are mostly synonymous with summer, you can definitely use them anytime to bring the ocean to you throughout the year. Sand and sea foam are perfect for a bathroom, guest bedroom or family room.
  5. Brown, blue and cream – This is a versatile color scheme that will look great in a bedroom or a family room. Select brown furniture and add a brown area rug to the space. You can then complete the color palette with cream colored curtains and include pops of blue for your accessories and décor.


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