Tips for Keeping Your Home Clean


Congratulations on purchasing one of our homes for sale in mclendon chisholm tx. One of the ways to maintain a tidy house is by cleaning it regularly. Use these tips for keeping your home clean so it will always be as it was when you first moved in!

  1. Clean your microwave and oven – Thoroughly clean the inside of your microwave and oven once a week. Cover your food with a microwave plate cover or paper towel before nuking your food. This will keep your food from splattering and making the microwave dirtier.
  2. Dirty clothes hamper – It’s called the dirty clothes hamper for a reason. Though it may be very tempting to throw your clothes on the floor, don’t! By putting your dirty clothes in the hamper your room will stay straightened and you won’t have to go rounding them up later.
  3. Do the dishes – Do not let the dishes pile up in the sink. Place them in the dishwasher, wash them once the dishwasher is full or at the end of each day. The last thing you want are bugs and other critters invading your kitchen.
  4. Floors – Vacuum your carpeting and mop the floors once a week.
  5. Go through the mail – Just don’t let it pile up. Process your mail on a daily basis by throwing away junk and taking action with your bills.
  6. Make your bed – Though this may have been an annoying task as a child to do, making up your bed on a daily basis will make your room feel refreshed. We also suggest changing your linens once a week to get rid of dirt.
  7. Nightly clean up - Straighten up before heading to bed. You can do this by emptying the trash, picking up things off the floor, straitening the throw pillows and folding the blankets on your couch, wiping down your countertops and sweeping the floor. You will be happy waking up to a clean home the next day.
  8. Put it back – Everything has its rightful place. If you take something out put it back where you got it from. This will help reduce clutter and keep your home neat and tidy.
  9. Towel placement - Hang up your bath towel instead of leaving it thrown on your bed or a chair.
  10. Wipe off countertops – Wipe off your kitchen and bathroom countertops after eating and preparing meals.

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