What You Should Do Before Moving Day


Moving is stressful and time consuming for even the most experienced mover. It is important to prepare for your move as soon as possible. Your friends, family and or professional movers will be forever thankful. Here’s what you should do before moving day and how to prepare for moving into one of our Desoto TX homes for sale in Sheridan Parc.

  1. Make a list – Even if you have a good memory it’s important to make a list. There’s so much to do and remember that you don’t want to forget to do anything.
  2. Get rid of clutter – Look around your home and declutter it. From your closets to countertops and drawers, this is the time to do a deep cleanse of your home. Then decide on what you will keep, donate, sell or throw away. As a rule you should throw it out if you haven’t worn or used it in year. The last thing you want to do is bring stuff you do not need to your new home.
  3. Purchase moving supplies – Get packing tape, bubble wrap, packing paper, moving blankets and boxes in a variety of sizes if you are not hiring professional movers to pack and move your belongings. These can be purchased at retail or moving stores. This will help to keep your possessions safe and secure during the move. Make sure you label your boxes so you know where they need to go in your new home.
  4. Pack early – Do not wait to pack last minute. Packing takes up a lot of time and effort. You will come across items you didn’t know you had or have long since forgotten about. This will hopefully help to avoid panic and rushing at the last minute. Take inventory of what you have put in the boxes and what is going on the moving truck.
  5. Notify important parties of your move – Request a change of address with the post office. You should also cancel or transfer your utilities and newspaper/magazine subscriptions.  Change your address with the banks and creditors to ensure you continue to receive statements and important documents from them if you aren’t enrolled in paperless pay. Contact the utility companies you’ll be using at your new home to ensure the utilities are turned on prior to the move. Don’t forget to switch your prescriptions to a pharmacy close to your new home.
  6. Important information and valuables – Hold on to your important paperwork and valuables. Transport them with you on the plane or in the vehicle you will be using to move. These can include everything from artwork and jewelry to social security cards, passports and birth certificates.
  7. Overnight bag – Pack an overnight bag with all of the essentials that you will need right away. This can include a change of clothes, cell phone chargers, toiletries and anything else that you don’t want packed away. 

We hope these tips will help make your move as smooth as possible. At Altura Homes we know that you had many options to choose from when looking at desoto tx homes for sale. We are pleased that you have chosen to purchase a new home with us. Thank you and welcome!