The Dos and Dont's of Interior Home Design


Decorating is one of the most exciting parts of buying a new home. Though your interior design should reflect your personality, there are certain rules that should be followed. Use these tips to help you decorate your Woodcreek new homes in fate tx.

  1. Artwork placement – Hanging your artwork is an art. Putting it too high or too low can throw off the scale of the room and also have guests straining to look at your misplaced art. Hang artwork by its relation to your furniture to help balance out the room. We suggest placing your artwork about six to eight inches above your tables or furniture.
  2. Cohesive colors – You don’t want your guests to get distracted by the stark contrasting colors in your new home. Don’t have mustard yellow in one room and then bright red in another. Room colors should flow from one room to another even if they are different.
  3. Fake flowers and plants– Nothing beats fresh flowers and plants. So why even bother with fake ones? They cost about the same as real ones and collect dust.
  4. Furniture against the walls – Don’t positon your furniture too close to the walls. Play with the layout and have your furniture placed more in the center of the room.
  5. Matching furniture – Just because the store has showcased a lovely 7-piece furniture set doesn’t mean you have to purchase the entire set from the showroom. Use it as a guide for what your room can look like. Choose the sofa and then opt for different throw pillows. Get two chairs instead of a love seat. Add different textures ad mix and match the furniture to create a personalized style that works for you and so that the room doesn’t look so generic.
  6. Throw pillows – These are great add-ons for your sofa. But having too many pillows is a faux pa. You really just need three to four throw pillows since anymore can make it difficult to sit.

We hope these tips will help you decorate your new home. You can also work with our partners from the Design Group of Texas to help personalize your new home. Reach our new homes in Fate TX creative consultants at 817-410-1037.