Six Tips for Styling Your Sofa with Throw Pillows


There are many ways to decorate your sofa (or sectional) with throw pillows. These small decorative pillows can add comfort and style as well as dramatically change the look of your family room. We’ve listed several tips bellow for styling your sofa with throw pillows.

  1. Replace the pillows that came with your sofa – There is no rule that says you have to use the throw pillows that came with your couch. These are intended to appeal to a wide range of consumers and not necessarily your individual style and tastes. If you don’t like them, get rid of them! You can sell them online, have a yard sale or give them to your forney tx homes for sale neighbors.
  2. Individual style – Select pillows that match your individual style but harmonize with blend with your sofa and the overall feel of the room.
  3. Go lighter or darker – If you have a light colored sofa you should choose a couple of your throw pillows to be darker than your sofa and vice versa. This will look more aesthetically pleasing than having the overall look of your sofa being too bright or too dark..
  4. Be bold – Don’t be afraid to go bold and get creative with the colors you use.
  5. Design and texture – Mix and match your pillows with different textures and designs. Whatever you choose should complement the other pillows on your sofa.
  6. How many pillows should you use – Some say you should use an odd number or pillows while others say it really doesn’t matter. Pick a number that looks good and isn’t overwhelming to the space.


We hope these tips will help you transform your sofa (or sectional) from blah to chic. We’d like to hear from our Devonshire and Eagle Ridge forney tx homes for sale customers. Let us know how you plan on decorating your sofa with throw pillows.