How to Style Your Home Using Mirrors


A mirror is a great decorating piece that’ll reflect light in a room, reflect the personality of the room, and reflect the beautiful images of your home. Here's how to style your home using mirrors.


  1. Charming centerpiece – Set your dining room apart from your homes in Mclendon Chisholm TX neighbors with a charming full-length mirror centerpiece. This elegant addition should be topped off with candles, a vase, and crystal glasses. 
  2. Floor-to-ceiling mirror – An antique full length floor-to-ceiling mirror will add drama to any room of your new home including the bathroom, dining room and entryway.
  3. Gallery wall – Wall art is one of the simplest ways to make your home feel homier. Hang a combination of framed art on the wall and break up the look by placing a frameless round mirror in the center of the framed art.
  4. Inviting entryway – Greet family and friends into your home by enhancing the entryway with a framed mirror. Place an oval or rectangular framed mirror above a console table and add printed chairs to both sides of the table.
  5. Spectacular 3-D wall stickers – These DIY removable 3-D wall stickers are a fun and creative way to transform a room. They come in an assortment of shapes and sizes and are perfect for the study, your kid’s bathroom, kid’s bedroom or the children’s retreat.


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