Quickly Declutter and Organize Your Home for Holiday Guests


Don’t wait until the last minute to clean up and declutter your home for your expected and sometimes unexpected holiday guests. Use the list below to quickly organize your home and to help make your holiday season go by smoother.


  1. Put everything back in its rightful place to help clean and alleviate the clutter in your home.


  1. Clear off countertops and get rid of old newspapers and magazines, and shred or properly discard of old mail.


  1. Assess the jackets, clothes and toys in your home and make a decision to either keep, throw out, give away to your homes in crandall tx neighbors, or donate to charities.


  1. Clean your bathrooms, carpets, windows, and walls, dust surfaces, wipe down kitchen appliances and countertops, and buff your tiles and or hardwood floors. Don’t forget to fluff the pillows and seat cushions on your couch.


  1. Dress the guest bedrooms with fresh linens and leave clean bath towels and wash cloths within reach.


  1. Throw out expired or stale food items from your refrigerator, freezer, and pantry. Donate any non-perishable items to food banks or charities that you don’t want or don’t think you will use before they expire. This will help make room for your holiday leftovers.


  1. Put out fresh hand towels and hand soap in the bathroom for your guests to use.


The holiday season is supposed to be the happiest time of the year. Remember to enlist the help of your family to clean up your home. This will hopefully help to reduce stress, cleaning, and help you enjoy your holiday guests. From our family to yours, Altura Homes wishes all of our Trinity Meadows homes in crandall tx customers a very wonderful holiday season!