How to Make Your Home Office More Productive


Do you need to become more productive in your new home in McLendon-Chisholm TX? Use the six tips below to learn how to make your home office more productive.

  1. Be comfy –. Since you will be sitting for extended periods of time it is important to invest in a comfortable office chair. Make sure that your workstation is also in an ergonomically correct position.
  2. Color inspiration – Your office wall color choice can have an impact not only on your mood but also your productivity level. Drab colors like white or gray can really make you feel sad and down. Great office colors to boost your creativity and happiness include shades of blue, green, and yellow. Shades of blue are perfect for mind stimulation, while hues of green are calming and yellows encourages creativity.
  3. Green motivation – Adding a live green plant to your desk can do more than add to your office décor and keep bacteria and mold at bay. Office plants can increase productivity and your quality of live by 15 percent according to a 2014 study by researchers from the universities of Cardiff, Exeter, Groningen and Queensland.
  4. Moveable furniture – People like to switch things up from time to time. Invest in office furniture that you can arrange and rearrange. This can have a major impact on starting fresh and being more productive.
  5. Reduce clutter – This is a no brainer but we will reiterate it anyway. Keep clutter to a minimum so that you can stay organized and aren’t easily distracted from the content on your desk.
  6. Take breaks – Though this is easily said than done at times it is very important nonetheless. We can get consumed with our work that we can become less productive. Taking a break every so often can reenergize you and help rest your eyes from staring at the computer.

You can incorporate some are all of these ideas into your home office design by working with the Design Group of Texas to create an efficient and productive design space. And if you are in the market for a new home in McLendon-Chisholm TX  give Altura Homes a call today at 214-769-1390. We are currently in the final close-out phase of selling homes in the beautiful community of Chisholm Crossing IV.