Add Green to Your Home for St. Paddys Day


St. Paddy’s Day is right around the corner. Add touches of green to your new home for this cultural and festival holiday by using these tips below.

  1. DIY artwork – Involve the kiddos by making green footprints on cardstock, DIY shamrocks or Celtic wall art. These are fun activities that will add to your home’s décor for the holiday. 
  2. Door décor – Welcome your homes in Wylie TX guests to by hanging a shamrock wreath or a moss covered leprechaun hat to your front door.
  3. Fireplace mantle – Print out and frame your favorite St. Paddy’s Day saying and place it on your fireplace mantle. Complete the St. Patrick’s Day theme by accompanying the saying with a shamrock banner, white candles and black pots filled with gold wrapped candy that make pots of gold. 
  4. Oxalis aka Shamrock plant – Their clover shaped leaves are the perfect addition for St. Patrick’s Day and will brighten your space and bring life into your home this winter. Add this beautiful plant to your end or entryway table.
  5. Sweet treats – Make delicious treats that have a touch of green, such as brownies, cookies, cupcakes or key lime pie, to indulge your sweet tooth.
  6. Throw blanket – Snuggle up near the fireplace or on your favorite chair or sofa with a green colored throw blanket.
  7. This is an easy and effective way to add green to your home.


We want to hear from our homes for sale in wylie tx homeowners. How do you plan on decorating in and around your Covington Estates home for St. Patrick’s Day?