Easter and Spring Mantel Decor Ideas


Easter is right around the corner and spring is in the air around our new homes in melissa tx. Get inspired to decorate with these Easter and spring mantel decor ideas!

  1. Apothecary Jars – Apothecary jars are ideal for decorating. Fill your glass jars with colored sand or jelly beans, add a white candle and then tie a colorful bow to finalize the look.
  2. Butterflies – Create a wonderful spring mantel display by filling a picture frame with colorful fabric and butterflies.
  3. Easter egg wreath – Make a DIY Easter egg wreath to hang on your mantel. Purchase a Styrofoam wreath in the size of your choice. Next you will hot glue plastic Easter eggs around it and then add a ribbon to the top of it. Place fresh flowers in a vase to one side of the mantel, a ceramic Easter bunny to the other side, and fill in the space with tea lights. This will surely brighten up your mantel and help you get into the Easter spirit. 
  4. Fresh tulips – This beautiful and colorful flower is synonymous with spring. Place fresh tulips into a tall glass vase and anchor this look by placing DIY birds’ nests on candlestick holders.
  5. He is risen – Remind your friends and family of the true meaning of Easter. Stack colorful blocks with each word on it and then add a shrouded cross to depict the sacrifice, resurrection and glorification of Jesus.
  6. Spell it out – Usher in the new season by spelling it out. Adorn a banner with the letters S-P-R-I-N-G to white shutters. Complete this sophisticated look by adding colorful spring flowers to the end of the mantel. This will make a great spring mantel focal point.

Altura would like to hear from our North Creek new homes in melissa tx homeowner’s. Let us know how you are planning to decorate your mantel for Easter and spring.