How to Spring Clean Your Home


Spring has officially been in the air for a while. So now is the perfect time to clean your home if you’ve been slacking on getting your spring cleaning done. Here’s a guide to help you spring clean your home from your favorite homes in forney tx builder.

  1. Change your bedding – With the weather warming up change your winter bedding out for your spring bedding.
  2. Clean out the fridge and freezer– Empty out your fridge and freezer before you begin cleaning. Thoroughly clean out the fridge by removing and wiping down any drawers and shelves. Clean the freezer walls and shelves with an all-purpose cleaner and cloth. Once you’re done this restock the items back into your fridge and freezer.
  3. Check your cabinets and pantry – Take a look at the expiration dates on your canned goods, boxed items, spices, toiletries, makeup, and medicines. Throw out anything that has expired and take note of items that are soon to be expired.
  4. Dust away - Wipe down blinds, ceiling fans, electronics, lightbulbs, shelves and vents to get rid of any dust that has collected.
  5. Examine your batteries – Have you changed the batteries in your carbon dioxide or smoke detectors lately? If no, now is a good time to change them out and to ensure they are all properly working.
  6. Swap out your wardrobe – If you haven’t done so already swap out your winter clothes for your spring clothes. Assess items that you no longer want or can no longer wear and either throw those articles of clothing away or donate to your homes in forney tx Devonshire or Eagle Ridge neighbors.
  7. Wash your windows – Do this during a cloudy day starting from the top of the window. Once your windows are cleaned then you should wipe off your window sills.