Make Minor Adjustments to Your Home Before Your Holiday Guests Arrive


The start of the 2016 holiday season is pretty much here. Are you expecting a bunch of family, friends, and or your new homes in melissa tx neighbors to come over for dinner or a party? Use these tips to make adjustments around your home before your holiday guests arrive.


Appliance cleaning – Wash your microwave’s rotating tray or put it in the dishwasher and also wipe down the interior walls of your microwave. This way you’re not adding extra ingredients to the food you’ll be serving this holiday season. In addition, your oven should be relatively clean since you’re in a new home. So there’s no need to give it a deep clean right now. However, you should still wipe down the inside of your over and the stovetop before cooking holiday meals. Once the holidays are over you can definitely give your oven a good cleaning once the holidays are over.


Child safety – It’s important to child proof your home if you’re expecting kids over. Cover the electrical outlets in your home so that the little ones aren’t tempting to stick things in them and put any cleaning supplies and chemicals in a high, out of reach place. Also cordon off stairways and rooms with baby gates so that the kids don’t get in areas they shouldn’t. If you don’t have a baby gate or something similar, ask the parents of the child(ren) to bring theirs.


Holiday aromas – Infuse your home with the smells of the holidays. Scents such as cinnamon, mint, pumpkin, and vanilla are perfect for this or a beautiful winter floral arrangement.


Light it up – Replace any interior or exterior light bulbs that are dull or have burned out. Create a festive look at your home by hanging up lights on the perimeter of your home, staircase or the fireplace.


Throw blankets – Allow your guests to snuggle up on a couch or chair with a cup of hot chocolate and a chenille, plaid, or holiday tapestry throw blanket.


We hope these tips will help you get your home in order just in time for the holidays. From our family to yours, Altura Homes wishes all of our homebuyers and future new homes in melissa tx clients a wonderful holiday season!