DIY Fall Wreaths that will Wow


We ushered in the fall season just over a month ago. With fall officially here, this means that the weather is getting cooler around your new homes in fate tx Woodcreek community and the leaves are changing colors and starting to fall. Fall also provides a great color pallet to inspire decorating ideas for your new home. Use these four ideas to create DIY fall wreaths that are simple, inexpensive and will wow at your home.


  1. Candy corn wreath – This wreath is perfect for both Halloween and Thanksgiving. Dye new coffee filters orange, white and yellow. Allow these to try and then hot glue them around your Styrofoam wreath. Place real candy corn’s on the wreath and a black ribbon to pull this look off.
  2. Flannel wreath – Fall wouldn’t really be fall without flannel. Purchase wreath foam from your favorite arts and craft store and buy your favorite swatches of flannel fabric from a fabric store or use old flannel clothes that you already have. Cut the flannel fabric and then decorate the foam to create a stylish and colorful flannel wreath to welcome guest into your home.  
  3. Stick wreath – Get inspired by nature with this wreath idea. You will need to collect fallen twigs from your yard, neighborhood or parks. Make your wreath base out of cardboard. Cut it up in your ideal wreath shape and then glue your twigs onto it. Complete this look by adding flowers or leaves to the center of the wreath to add more pizzazz. 
  4. Wine cork wreath – Put your old wine corks to use by creating a beautiful wine cork wreath to adorn your fireplace or the side of your kitchen island. Assemble your recycled corks in a circle and make as big or small as you would like. Add faux acorns, apples or berries as well as a bow or burlap to the wine cork wreath to different parts of the wreath to finish the look off.


Altura wants to hear from our new homes in fate tx homebuyer’s! What DIY wreaths do you plan on creating to decorate your home with? Let us know by responding on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing your wonderful ideas.