Six Space-Saving Tips for Your Home


Altura Homes builds spacious new homes in forney tx. But you can never go wrong with creating extra space in your new home. Check out these six space-saving tips to incorporate in your new home.


  1. Coffee table with shelves – A beautiful coffee table will be the perfect accent to your living room. Opt for a coffee table with at least one shelf below to provide storage and display space. 
  2. Hanging shelves – Add instant storage to your bathroom, bedroom, family room, or kitchen with hanging shelves. You can store anything from pictures and trinkets to linens, towels, clothes, and blankets.
  3. Hidden dog bowl drawer – Tired of tripping over or running into the dog bowl in your kitchen? Keep the dog bowl off the floor by putting it in a hidden drawer. This pull-out drawer is great food storage drawer for your doggy. The food is kept off the floor and stored away until it’s time to eat.
  4. Hollow chair – This unique, stylish, and functional décor is designed by Straight Line Designs’ Judson Beaumont. The hollow chair will be the perfect addition to your study or family room and is ideal for storing everything from teddy bears and books
  5. Ironing mat – Ditch the bulky ironing board for just an ironing mat. This space saver allows you the ability to iron from anywhere including the floor, bed, dresser, or on top of the washer or dryer machine. The mat is also heat resistant and has a non-slip backing so that it will stay in place as you iron.
  6. Magnetic strip holder – Hang a magnetic strip holder in your kitchen to free up space in your kitchen and make your knives easily accessible.


Altura Homes would like to hear from our new homes in forney tx residents. How do you save space in your home? Let us know by responding on our Facebook post.