Five Decorating Mistakes That Will Make Your Home Look a Hot Mess


When decorating your Trinity Meadows’ home in crandall tx it’s important to avoid these decorating mistakes so that your home will not look a hot mess.


  1. Covered refrigerator – The last thing you want to do is make your refrigerator a message center or randomly cover it with the kids’ artwork, lists, magnets, papers, photos, etc. This will make your fridge look cluttered and unorganized. Instead keep it a sleek clean surface that can become a focal point in your beautiful kitchen.
  2. Fake green plants – Though many of these fake plants may look very realistic that doesn’t keep them from being a dust magnet. Not only is dust bad for your house but it gives off the appearance that your home is dirty.
  3. Fluff, fluff, fluff and fold – Throw pillows and blankets are comfy accessories that can add some much needed pops of color into any room. Don’t leave your pillows flattened and your blankets unfolded. Doing so will definitely make your family room look untidy and messy. Instead make sure you fold your blankets and keep your pillows fluffed up.
  4. Tangled cords – Cords are necessities that power our electronics. But cords that are all over the place can present a hazard and are an eyesore. Keep your appliances neat and out of sight by putting them in a cord cover or something similar.


Too many photos – Photos and prints are a great way to personalize your space. But too many framed photos and prints can make a wall or surface top downright too busy. Choose a select number of photos or prints that will still be able to achieve the look you are going in your for without creating a compromising and uninviting space in your home in crandall tx.