Revitalize Your Home This Spring


We welcomed in the spring season just a few weeks ago. As we embrace longer days and warmer weather, it is time to give your home a rejuvenated look for the season. Read below for five tips to update your home this spring.


  1. Go lighter – It’s time to swap out your thick and warm winter bedding for your spring bedding. Select a bedspread that is not only light in color to revitalize this space but also light in weight since the weather is warming up. Select light cotton sheets and pillow covers that match your bedspread. Switching these out will surely brighten up your space, give it a renewed look and keep you cool for the season.
  2. Make your home smell like spring – You can do so much to make your home smell like spring from opening up the windows to baking delicious spring treats for you and your homes in Waxahachie TX neighbors. You can also add fresh spring flowers or various spring smelling scents like cucumbers, lavender, lemons, mangoes, oranges, or peppermint through air fresheners, candles, diffusers, and potpourri to your home. Place these in your bathrooms, hallways, tables, or windowsills. 
  3. Paint your walls – Repaint a wall or more in your home with a new coat of paint or add wallpaper to the walls. This will give your walls character, pops of color, and texture.
  4. Reposition your furniture – You’ll need to use a little muscle but it won’t cost you anything to do. Rearrange the way your furniture is displayed to give the room a new look and a new beginning for the spring.
  5. Revamp accessories and décor – One of the easiest ways to transform your home to exude spring is by replacing your window treatments, accent pillows and throw blankets. Choose ones that have animal or floral patterns, are pastel in color, or even have elements of spring like rain boots, umbrellas, etc. This doesn’t take a lot of money or effort to do.


We hope these tips will help you update your home this spring. We would like to hear from our Aday Estates homes in Waxahachie TX homeowner’s. How do you plan on freshening up your home this season? Let us know on our Facebook page.